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At British School Academy, we're not only dedicated to providing top-notch educational support but also fostering physical health and well-rounded development in our students. Our campus in Istanbul boasts one of the best school facilities in the region, offering a wide array of sports opportunities with the guidance of experienced Physical Education (PE) teachers.

Our Sports Facilities

Nestled in Istanbul's picturesque setting, our school campus features an impressive range of sports facilities, ensuring students have ample opportunities to stay active and pursue their athletic passions. These state-of-the-art amenities include:

Indoor Pool: Dive into our indoor pool for swimming lessons and water-based sports activities under the supervision of our expert PE instructors.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports Areas: Enjoy a variety of sports in our indoor and outdoor spaces, which are equipped for activities like badminton, table tennis, and more.

Football Field: Our pristine football field is perfect for both recreational games and organized football training, led by our experienced coaches.

Basketball Field: Shoot hoops and refine your basketball skills on our professional basketball court, with guidance from our skilled PE teachers.

Experienced PE Teachers

Our team of experienced Physical Education (PE) teachers is passionate about nurturing sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness in our students. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the campus, ensuring that students receive expert guidance and support in their athletic endeavors.

Why Choose British School Academy for Sports?

Outstanding Campus Facilities: Our campus offers a world-class sports environment for students to explore, develop their skills, and excel in various sports.

Professional PE Instructors: Our dedicated PE teachers are committed to instilling the values of discipline, sportsmanship, and physical well-being in our students.

Holistic Development: At British School Academy, we believe that a well-rounded education includes physical fitness. Our sports programs complement academic excellence, helping students grow into healthy and active individuals.

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Whether your child is passionate about sports or looking to explore new athletic interests, British School Academy is the ideal place for both academic excellence and physical well-being. Our campus in Istanbul provides an unparalleled environment for sports and learning.

Contact us today to discuss the sports programs and facilities we offer at British School Academy. We're dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically and lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Join us in providing your child with the best of both worlds.

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