Private Music Lessons with Mr. Sean Dennison
We are happy to offer private music lessons with Mr. Sean Dennison. Lessons with Mr. Dennison will take place daily, Monday through Friday, commencing at half past four in the afternoon. Arrangements can be made directly with us. Kindly refer to the contact details provided below.


Ages 9-18

Ages 9-18

Ages 9-18

Ages 9-18

Ages 9-18

About Our Teachers

Mr. Sean Dennison

Sean Dennison is approaching his twentieth year of teaching music in schools. He has a bachelor and masters degree in Music Education from universities in the USA and has experience teaching students ages 5 through university level. He taught for ten years in the USA as a band and orchestra director where his primary duties were to teach large ensembles for concerts and competitions. Sean began playing the clarinet when he was nine years old, eventually winning scholarships to go to universities, then teaching students that won their own places in honors bands and orchestras. Sean also has experience playing in regional orchestras across the USA and China. Since leaving the USA, Sean began teaching music in private, primary schools which has placed an emphasis on his guitar playing and other fundamentals of music for young learners. His global experiences, pedagogy, and unique viewpoint gives students a place that both puts an emphasis on basic skills, as well as a musician’s individual voice.

For information and registration 0537 305 26 62 or kindly fill the contact form.

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